B.B. King: From Indianola to Icon: A Personal Odyssey with the "King of the Blues" (Hardcover)

B.B. King: From Indianola to Icon: A Personal Odyssey with the
By Charles Sawyer, Welch (Foreword by), Nick Nurse (Other)


This book documents a great American story, that of B.B. King, the "King of the Blues," and one of America's most important popular musicians. With fascinating images and history--most published for the first time--it traces his migration from the Chitlin' Circuit (the national network of Black theaters and roadhouses), to Club Ebony in his hometown of Indianola, Mississippi, and eventually to Carnegie Hall. What was it about Riley B. King that enabled him to become the "King of the Blues"?
  • B.B. King brought the music of America--the blues--to the world. Never-before-seen images of King on stage, on the tour bus, with fans, and at home. King gave an estimated 18,000 concerts in 90 countries, including a legendary performance in Zaire in 1974, prior to the Muhammed Ali-George Foreman heavyweight title bout.

The author tells the story of the once-impossible friendship between someone who grew up poor and Black in Mississippi and the white middle-class New Englander who fell in love with the blues and was determined to tell the story of his musical hero. This is the ultimate book for blues fans

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ISBN: 9780764363856
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Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Pages: 256
Language: English