Made by James: The Honest Guide to Creativity and Logo Design (Hardcover)

Made by James: The Honest Guide to Creativity and Logo Design By James Martin, Made by James Cover Image
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Design better logos and become a more successful, confident graphic designer with Made by James as your guide.

*Winner of the 2021 American Graphic Design Award for Book Design from Graphic Design USA*

UK-based graphic designer James Martin shares his wealth of experience, information, and advice with one goal in mind: to help designers of all levels create better work and enjoy the process. James has designed hundreds of logos for a variety of top brands, and shares his unique creative process, from concept to sketches to final design. Learn how to create outstanding logos, craft and refine your creative process, build great relationships with clients, and become prolific and consistent.

Discover how James creates innovative, clever, and memorable logos with his own hands-on, step-by-step process that includes word mapping, rapid prototyping, and sketching ideas on paper. Learn how to become a visual storyteller by understanding the key factors of working with clients and making them a valued part of the process.

In addition to the important “hows” of logo design—techniques, ideas, and examples of creating logos and building brands—you will benefit from learning aspects of the business rarely discussed: how to become more disciplined, how to see failures as valuable experiences, and ways to avoid burnout.

James shows that design isn’t just about creating images; it’s about building trusting relationships with clients, finding inspiration and using it effectively, and sharing ideas and becoming part of a community.

Made by James also includes:
  • Annotated case studies that follow designs from concept to completion
  • The advantages of a hands-on, human approach to design
  • The value of personal and career growth, and how to enjoy the journey of improvement
  • Effective work habits that can make you more efficient, productive, and satisfied

Learn how to harness your passion and become the designer you’ve always wanted to be.

About the Author

Over the last decade, award-winning graphic designer James Martin has built a successful creative agency, Baby Giant Design Co., with his business partner, creating logos and building brand design for a varied list of clients. Those clients include music heavy hitters The Chainsmokers, Michael Ray, and Carter McLean; and brands such as Bishop Slayer Oyster Stout and Plastic Freedom. His willingness to share his creative process, offer honest advice, and engage with fans and followers on social media has earned him a reputation as a generous and wise mentor and inspiration, especially to junior designers and those just getting started in the field. James lives in Southampton, England.

Made by James is the personal brand of renowned logo designer James Martin. Made by James is the place to go for pioneering logo and brand identity design and where designers of all ages seek honest and real advice about the creative industry. Made by James has become the go-to platform for logo education, ideas on the design process, and inspiring content that keeps creatives positive and motivated. This is the community for anyone who wants to develop their skills as a creative.

Praise For…

"James Martin is a rare breed – not only is he an incredibly talented designer, he’s also equally skilled at explaining the how and the why behind his decisions, and teaching beginning designers how to think strategically as a foundational aspect of their work. James’ work is a valuable resource for any designer looking to develop their skills, hone their craft, and communicate more effectively with clients."—Emily Mcdowell, creative director of Em & Friends

"James Martin is one of the world’s top logo designers. I have been working in the creative industry for more than two decades. I have managed and employed hundreds of designers doing work for the biggest brands in the world. James has an elite level eye for detail and a creative spark that makes his work shine even compared to top talent worldwide. He has a rare gift and is, without a doubt, one of the most talented creatives I have seen in all my career."—Michael Janda, best-selling author of Burn Your Portfolio

"...his personality shines throughout... James is eighty percent drawing, and that’s what I like most about the book. James doesn’t hold back on sharing his sketches. I’m positive that’s what contributed to his huge Instagram appeal, too, because there’s an insight you get from sketches that can’t be seen in any other part of a design project."—David Airey,

"From detailing the hundreds of logos he’s designed to writing about how client relationships help fortify your vision, there’s a lot you’re going to learn from this book."—Just Creative

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ISBN: 9780760371497
ISBN-10: 0760371490
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Publication Date: January 25th, 2022
Pages: 224
Language: English