Daniel Half Human (Prebound)

Daniel Half Human By David Chotjewitz, Doris Orgel (Translator) Cover Image
By David Chotjewitz, Doris Orgel (Translator)
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At the dawn of Hitler's rise to power in Germany in 1933 and a period of the most brutal, aggressive anti-Semitism the world has ever seen, two boys swear eternal brotherhood by slitting their wrists and mingling their blood. Having experienced so much together, even a night in jail after painting a swastika on a wall in the hated Communist section of Hamburg, Daniel and Armin had become the best of friends.

But then, with the scar on his wrist still healing, Daniel receives some life-altering news: He is half-Jewish, and as such, half-hated by a growing number of neighbors, teachers, and friends. Quickly, he decides to keep his identity a secret, conspiring with Armin to join the Hitler Youth -- but only one of them can, and will, join, with terrible consequences.

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ISBN: 9780756970390
ISBN-10: 0756970393
Publisher: Perfection Learning
Publication Date: February 1st, 2006
Pages: 325
Language: English