Perfect Match: A Quick Guide To Picking The Perfect College For You! (Paperback)

Perfect Match: A Quick Guide To Picking The Perfect College For You! By Alex Perryman Cover Image
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Information changes situations. From grade school to college, providing a student with the right information and resources is sure to increase their chances of being successful in school and in life. Perfect Match is the first of many student success quick guides by Dr. Alex Perryman. It is a must have tool for students, parents, and counselors when trying to identify the right college or University to attend. In this book Dr. Perryman recounts his personal experiences from when he was 18 year old high school senior in that very position. A senior assignment made him take a serious look into his options after graduation. Was college for him and if so, which one?

This book is intentionally designed to be a short In-depth read--No unnecessary fluff to make the book longer than needed. It should be used a reflective tool that encourages the reader to consider some important factors when choosing the perfect college for him/her. By answering 7 question, students and parents walk away confident in their choice to pursue a college education and are clear on what should be considered when deciding where to obtain that education.

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ISBN: 9780578972428
ISBN-10: 0578972425
Publisher: Ilive Consulting, LLC
Publication Date: August 30th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English