Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory: Stories (Paperback)

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This book is an uncannily spot-on gift from your stalker. It contains every love story you've ever been through. It has the thoughts of your dog. It has every iteration of that luncheon you've been imagining/dreading. This book - uncomfortably so - was written for you. — Katelynne Shimkus

If George Saunders and Nora Ephron had hit it off at a party some 30-odd years ago, Bob-Waksberg could conceivably have been their unintended consequence. His stories ripple with a similar depth and goofiness that made his animated series BoJack Horseman such a hit. Each story is about the lunacy of romance: a dog details in dog-speak the intricacies of his owner’s failed relationship; a scientist has an affair with the parallel universe version of his own wife; a deceptively simple list of lies a couple has told each other. Though strange and humorous, each one struck several chords of recognition: desire, anxiety, heartache. — Joe Michon-Huneau

A perfect collection of short stories from the hilariously brilliant mind of the creator of Bojack Horseman. These stories are heartbreaking, heartwarming, and wonderfully bizarre. Once you're done reading them you'll crave more of the variety of subjects such as drunk superheroes, presidential themed amusement parks, and minion wristwatches. It's a definite must read for all who love delightfully eccentric material.

Samantha Beitler


Written with all the scathing dark humor that is a hallmark of BoJack Horseman, Raphael Bob-Waksberg delivers a fabulously off-beat collection of short stories about love—the best and worst thing in the universe.

A young engaged couple forced to deal with interfering relatives dictating the appropriate number of ritual goat sacrifices for their wedding.
A pair of lonely commuters who ride the subway in silence, forever, eternally failing to make that longed-for contact.
A struggling employee at a theme park of U.S. presidents who discovers that love can’t be genetically modified.
And fifteen more tales of humor, romance, whimsy, cultural commentary, and crushing emotional vulnerability.

About the Author

Raphael Bob-Waksberg is the creator and executive producer of the Netflix series BoJack Horseman. This is his first book.

Praise For…


“Transcendent tragicomedy. . . . Prepare to be devastated and made whole again.” The A.V. Club

“EXTREMELY MY SH*T.” —Samantha Irby, author of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life

 “Continues to surprise and delight.” The Washington Post

“Wonderfully weird.” Vulture

“Complex, daring, emotional, and unique.” —B. J. Novak, author of One More Thing

“Heartrending. . . . Poignant.” The Atlantic

“Sidesplitting. . . . Bizarre and hilarious.” Shelf Awareness (starred review)

“[These stories] conjure struggles for connection in grimly surreal alternative realities that recall the probing comic imaginings of George Saunders.” Los Angeles Times

 “Showcases Bob-Waksberg’s talent for conjuring fantastical scenarios and writing about them with a straight face. . . . Human relationships, he seems to be saying, are weirder than anything else our imaginations can come up with.” —NPR

“I can say without hesitation that the collection surpasses my impossibly high expectations. . . . A tremendous debut.” —Ian Mond, Locus

“These stories, while infused with elements of fantasy, made me feel and feel more connected to the human condition.” —Elise Hu, TED Talks Daily

“These tales are heartfelt and funny, a winning combo. Dazzled by the wit, you’ll be surprised when you start tearing up at the sincere turn.” Read It Forward

“Wonderfully absurd and unexpectedly moving. . . . These stories are at times poignant and triumphantly silly, but always manage to ring true.” Publishers Weekly

 “Bob-Waksberg’s fiction debut will capture many readers with its formal innovation, playful language, and relatable portraits of romance gone awry.” Booklist

“Sometimes-whimsical, sometimes-biting short fictions. . . . A savage sendup of love in all its dubious glory.” Kirkus Reviews

“[These stories] keep us engaged and on our toes. With love, your Nana.” —Shirley Bob, author’s grandmother

“Very moving and true to today’s society. I'm so proud of my little Raphi.” —Florence Waksberg, author’s grandmother

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ISBN: 9780525432722
ISBN-10: 0525432728
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: May 19th, 2020
Pages: 256
Language: English