Elements of Gas Dynamics (Dover Books on Aeronautical Engineering) (Paperback)

Elements of Gas Dynamics (Dover Books on Aeronautical Engineering) By H. W. Liepmann, A. Roshko Cover Image
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The increasing importance of concepts from compressible fluid flow theory for aeronautical applications makes the republication of this first-rate text particularly timely. Intended mainly for aeronautics students, the text will also be helpful to practicing engineers and scientists who work on problems involving the aerodynamics of compressible fluids.
Covering the general principles of gas dynamics to provide a working understanding of the essentials of gas flow, the contents of this book form the foundation for a study of the specialized literature and should give the necessary background for reading original papers on the subject. Topics include introductory concepts from thermodynamics, including entropy, reciprocity relations, equilibrium conditions, the law of mass action and condensation; one-dimensional gasdynamics, one-dimensional wave motion, waves in supersonic flow, flow in ducts and wind tunnels, methods of measurement, the equations of frictionless flow, small-perturbation theory, transonic flow, effects of viscosity and conductivity, and much more. The text includes numerous detailed figures and several useful tables, while concluding exercises demonstrate the application of the material in the text and outline additional subjects.
Advanced undergraduate or graduate physics and engineering students with at least a working knowledge of calculus and basic physics will profit immensely from studying this outstanding volume.

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ISBN: 9780486419633
ISBN-10: 0486419630
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: January 11th, 2002
Pages: 464
Language: English
Series: Dover Books on Aeronautical Engineering