Love and Knowledge (The Perfect Match) (Paperback)

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Strange how opposites can attract Paul and Eliza came from two completely different backgrounds and grew up in different environments. Somehow though, they seemed to be attracted to each other despite their different backgrounds. Paul met Eliza in college and became fond of her, but realized there were gaps between them, rich verses poor, have's verses have nots, coming from different neighborhoods and the like. Paul worked his way through high school on various jobs and even once in college he still had to work on part-time jobs to meet the cost of his higher education and all the while help his single mom as best he could. His dad died when he was a teenager and his mother never remarried. Despite unfavorable circumstances, Paul insisted that he had to obtain a university degree regardless of the cost and he was determined to see it through despite a financial handicap and limited means.

Eliza on the other hand lived under the protective umbrella of rich parents and enjoyed good times and socializing in her free time after school. She lived in a posh outskirt of town and enjoyed whatever her heart desired at home. Her parents insisted that she must attend university as they did in their younger days, knowing that it would ensure a bright future for her in a competitive world. The question was, where would she attend?

What makes different people meet and become fond of each other? Is it that opposites really do attract? As Albert Einstein once put it, "Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." Blessed be those who meet and can live and stay together.

This is the story of Paul and Eliza. If we only live once, it's best to choose good, as good is best One way is to establish good relationships and of course that comes with choice of partners, although sometimes it may not be a question of choice since a special partner may suddenly appear. May Shakespeare's idea of Romeo and Juliette lead the way in every generation

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Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Publication Date: May 6th, 2019
Pages: 262
Language: English