On the Art of the Craft: A Guidebook to Collaborative Storytelling (Hardcover)

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A writing companion, inspirational guide to the craft, and anthology featuring interactive multi-genre work from the acclaimed organization on its twenty-fifth anniversary.

We all have stories to tell, but not everyone gets the mentoring and training or encouragement to become a great storyteller. Founded a quarter century ago, Girls Write Now has empowered young women and gender-expansive youth to harness their creative talents, gaining confidence, skills, and a community supporting them in sharing stories the world needs to hear.

This hands-on guide—conceived of and written and edited by the young people of Girls Write Now—draws from the organization’s dynamic curriculum and the writers’ own personal experiences spanning decades. It offers aspiring writers the tools they need to develop their craft—including tips, insight, and advice on the writing and publishing process as well as critical thinking about the future of storytelling.

With this handbook, readers everywhere can equip themselves to shape their life stories, and become the writers and leaders they dream of being.

About the Author

Launched in 1998, Girls Write Now is a nationally award-winning writing & mentoring organization and a creative incubator of female and gender-expansive young adults from across the United States. y and beyond. Amplifying transformative stories that break down the barriers of gender, race, age, and poverty, the writers of Girls Write Now are shaping culture, impacting industries, and creating change.

Praise For…

Praise for Girls Write Now: “I don’t think we can wait for inspiration to strike. I think that we are more powerful than that. We all have magic within us and it’s always there for us to tap into. I have so much love for Girls Write Now for creating a space where you feel empowered to chase whatever in the world you want to chase, because I truly believe and know that it’s yours.” Rupi Kaur, poet and author of Healing Through Words

Praise for Girls Write Now: “Within each of us lies the undeniable ability to empower one another, foster understanding, and inspire ideas in both big and small ways. We find ourselves through the shared experience of telling our stories. Having a safe place where the next generation of writers and creators can tell theirs means they have the agency to change the world. Because of Girls Write Now, these stories will create a domino effect for positive change.” — Nicole Avant, author of Think You’ll Be Happy

“Collaborative storytelling is a perfect way to explore ourselves and the world we live in. This Girls Write Now anthology showcases the strength of this, giving voice to the next generation of girls and gender expansive youth who are inspired, talented, and intent on having their stories heard.” — Natasha Bowen, author of Soul of the Deep

“How I wish I'd had a community like Girls Write Now and an anthology like On the Art of the Craft when I was a beginning writer. What a gift and a comfort it would have been.” — Natalie Baszile, author of Queen Sugar

“This Girls Write Now collection of stories gives us just a glimpse of the amazing talent girls possess and by giving them a platform they show us the bright future our world can have if they have the opportunity to bring change. It is truly an inspiration to read such powerful stories.” Sabina Khan, author of What A Desi Girl Wants

“This anthology is both gift and revelation. The writings of the remarkable young women contained herein are nothing less than a bridge to the future. We are invited to accept the gift, cross that bridge, and be amazed.” — Sharon Mesmer, poet and author of Greetings From My Girlie Leisure Place

On the Art of the Craft has inspiring prompts that will spark prisms of creativity in every reader.” — Valerie June, musician and author of Light Beams

Praise for Girls Write Now: “Girls Write Now has taken the female tradition of transmission to the page with gusto, sass, generosity, and inclusiveness, and oh--we gals aren't afraid of that word--with love. In this way Girls Write Now embodies the mandate given by Toni Morrison, who mentored many of us: "’the function of freedom is to free someone else.’ In inspiring the next and next generation of storytellers and singers, Girls Write Now is walking and writing that talk.” — Julia Alvarez, author of The Cemetery of Untold Stories (coming 2024)

Praise for Girls Write Now: “Girls Write Now goes above and beyond to elevate underrepresented voices with stories that need to be told.”
Ayesha Curry, CEO of Sweet July and Co-Founder of Eat. Learn. Play.

Praise for Girls Write Now: “One must be bold in order to write. Girls Write Now takes seriously and nurtures the courage its young writers already have–the courage to spend time with their own minds, to create, to sing, to speak, and make unique contributions to their world.” — Naima Coster, author of What's Mine and Yours

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ISBN: 9780063417700
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Publisher: HarperOne
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English