The Anatomy of Type: A Graphic Guide to 100 Typefaces (Hardcover)

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As booksellers and book lovers, we all understand how disappointing it is to read a beautiful novel only to be appalled by its packaging. Thankfully, most great books are accompanied by great design: however, this is not always the case. It is easy to imagine the cacophony occasioned by writing your thesis in, say, Comic Sans MS; not all, however, would cringe at a resume written in Palatino Linotype or other deceivingly "formal" or "professional" glyphs. The Anatomy of Type helps the pedestrian design fiend and font-novice alike navigate one hundred of the most well-known typefaces to avoid the aforementioned blunders. From supplying esoteric asides to lexical basics (e.g. the significance of "bracket," "bowl," "aperture," or "x-height"), Coles does a superb job of organizing a lot of data into a comprehensible, attractive package. Anatomy sorts its fonts by classification, giving readers a good feel for specialized terms which might otherwise go misunderstood or ignored: similarly, each nugget of typeface jargon is clearly explained as needed (no footnotes, no appendix.) Although totally cliche, Coles really has created a design reference--a great piece of teaching--that embodies great design. Advertisers, writers, artists, and all who have a penchant for meticulously organized information will love this book. — Aubrey Restifo


The Anatomy of Type is the ultimate stylistic guide to the intricacies and design of 100 indispensable typefaces. A delightful, colorful, and visual reference guide created by Stephen Coles and Tony Seddon—two acknowledged pros in the font design world—The Anatomy of Type was developed with typographers, graphic designers, and font geeks in mind, graphically and visually expanding on the current font-mania initiated by Simon Garfields's Just My Type.

About the Author

The former creative director of FontShop, Stephen Coles now edits the websites Typographica, Fonts in Use, and The Mid-Century Modernist, and contributes to Print and Codex magazines. A Type Camp instructor, he is a member of the FontFont TypeBoard. He lives in Oakland, California, and Berlin, Germany.

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ISBN: 9780062203120
ISBN-10: 0062203126
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: November 13th, 2012
Pages: 256
Language: English