The Sensual Joy of Books

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Books have entertained, and enriched the lives of, many people. Indeed, the tactile aspects of bound pages can be just as enjoyable as the stories themselves. Some of the great joys in life are touching, smelling, looking at and listening to books.

You go into a bookstore and you can feel the jacket covers, sometimes slippery and soft and sometimes gritty and rough, under your fingers as they protect the books as they silently sit there, waiting until you open that first page. The books call to you, telling you “buy me and you’ll find a magical world.”

There are the pre-loved scents of old mysteries, expeditions, facts, and fiction that have been enjoyed many times before between the pages of a used book. Or, there is nothing quite like the aroma of the brand new, never-opened book. Those pages just scream out “Take me home! We will have many adventures together!”

You can see the blues, greens, yellows, reds, browns on illustrations and photographs. These vibrant images enhance the narrative as they help tell the story. The magic of the dark ink print of novels and nonfiction gems make a story that you want to devour with your eyes.

Who does not love the crack of the new novel being opened for the first time? Or the satisfying thump after finishing your new favorite (only to be usurped after the next new favorite book)? Those crinkles of pages as you turn to the next part of the journey tickle the ears! That swish of a finger running down the lines holds your place as your eyes wish to rush ahead, but you want to savor every minute.

The feel of a book in hand, waiting to be read, is an experience unto itself. Just let your imagination soar with the power they will give you!

-Jeanette Sessions

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