Bookseller Profile: Sarah Donner

One of Northshire Bookstore’s strongest assets is its people. Each bookseller brings a distinct personality and unique skill set, all of which come together to better serve our customers. Sarah Donner is one such personality.

Sarah is a native of the Manchester area and has lived in Vermont her whole life. Her first stint at Northshire began in 1984, when she was a sophomore in high school, working in the receiving department as a “Carder.” Her job was to fill out a slip for each book received and clip it to the book. What began as an after school job to pay for an exchange trip to Germany lasted four years.

In the mid-2000s Sarah was working at Stratton Mountain, commuting from Mt. Tabor. The winter drive got to be too much and she began looking for something closer to home. Northshire had an opening for an Adult Bookseller in 2010 and she has been here ever since.

Sarah is quirky, quick-witted and a generally fun person to be around. She is adored by customers and staff alike at Northshire’s Vermont location. The sections that fall under her auspices include history, current events, cookbooks, biography and New England. Her favorite reads include mysteries, science fiction, Civil War history, British history and anything dark and morbid.

One of her favorite things about working here is the sense of comradery. As she describes it, “We are a family, not just co-workers.” Sarah also enjoys the cake provided in honor of staff birthdays. Sarah really likes cake. Although working with customers can be challenging it can be rewarding as well. Some of her most fulfilling experiences have been introducing customers with tastes similar to her own to new authors. This kind of interaction provides a bonding point between Book Seller and customer. Indeed, one of Northshire’s key principles is to always put the customer first. Well done, Sarah! Well done!

Fun Fact: Sarah has an infatuation with Ulysses S. Grant that borders on the unwholesome.