Berserker - Amon Amarth - Vinyl LP - 0039841564310

SKU: 0039841564310

Amon Amarth 'Berserker' Comprising 12 monstrous heavy metal anthems that bulge with irresistible melodic hooks, bursts of thrilling savagery and moments of spine-tingling dynamic drama, Berserker is the result of the huge surge of creativity and a collective desire to keep moving forward with no compromise. From the disarming melodrama and explosive riffing of opener "Fafner's Gold" and the brutish simplicity of the rampaging "Crack The Sky" to the epic fury of "Raven's Flight" and the grim, gritty storytelling of "Ironside" and "Skoll and Hati", Berserker is an album full of trademark Amon Amarth bluster and bite but with every aspect of the band's sound somehow refined, sonically enhanced and made vastly more potent, both in terms of metal oomph and emotional power.

  • 1-+íFafner's Gold
  • 2-+íCrack the Sky
  • 3-+íMjo--+Lner, Hammer of Thor
  • 4-+íShield Wall
  • 5-+íValkyria
  • 6-+íRaven's Flight
  • 7-+íIronside
  • 8-+íThe Berserker at Stamford Bridge
  • 9-+íWhen Once Again We Can Set Our Sails
  • 10-+íSkoll and Hati
  • 11-+íWings of Eagles
  • 12-+íInto the Dark
Release Date: 5/3/2019
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