American Brutus

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American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies By Michael W. Kauffman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375759741
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Published: Random House Trade Paperbacks - October 18th, 2005

Throughout the course of American history, no man has ever been as relentlessly demonized as John Wilkes Booth. It is, perhaps, a disgrace both rightfully earned and applied. Booth coldbloodedly murdered the man who guided America through its most difficult years, a period when its very life hung in the balance. Without Abraham Lincoln and his unwavering dedication to the principles that this country was founded upon, it is quite possible that there would not be a United States of America today. The picture that I have held in my mind of Booth was one-dimensional at best. We are all told in our history classes that he was the blackest sort of villain. It is possible to define a figure from history with one terrible, misguided act, but Lincoln's murder was not the sum total of Booth's existence. In many of the key points, both of his life and of the assassination, I was absolutely wrong. Michael W. Kauffman spent 25 years researching a meticulous examination of the life of John Wilkes Booth. American Brutus is an absorbing work and to say that it often reads like a work of finely-tuned fiction is hardly doing it justice. The book is so rich in substance and detail that my first impulse when I finished it was to immediately begin reading it again. ~ Reviewed by Alden Graves