All Fishermen Are Liars - Gierach, John - 9781451618327 (Used Book)

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Gierach, John
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Gierach, John
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Simon & Schuster
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This G++-----+-+----+elegiac tribute to the elusive art and ineffable pleasure of fly-fishingG++-----+-++---+ (Kirkus Reviews) shows us why lifeG++-----++++s most valuable lessonsG++-----++----+and some of its best experiencesG++-----++----+are found while fly-fishing.

For John Gierach, G++-----+-+----+the master of fly-fishingG++-----+-++---+ (Sacramento Bee), fishing is always the answerG++-----++----+even when itG++-----++++s not clear what the question is. In All Fishermen Are Liars, Gierach travels around North America seeking out quintessential fishing experiences, whether itG++-----++++s at a busy stream or a secluded lake hidden amid snow-capped mountains. He talks about the art of fly-tying and the quest for the perfect steelhead fly (G++-----+-+----+The Nuclear OptionG++-----+-++---+), about fishing in the Presidential Pools previously fished by the elder George Bush (G++-----+-+----+I wondered briefly if IG++-----++++d done something karmically disastrous and was now fated to spend the rest of my life breathing the exhaust of this elderly RepublicanG++-----+-++---+), and the importance of traveling with like-minded companions when caught in a soaking rain (G++-----+-+----+At this point someone is required to say, G++-----+++You know, there are people who wouldnG++-----++++t think this is funG++-----++++G++-----+-++---+). And though Gierach loses some fish along the way, he never loses his passion and sense of humor.

Wry, contemplative, and livelyG++-----++----+that is to say, pure GierachG++-----++----+All Fishermen Are Liars is a joy to readG++-----++----+and, as always, the next best thing to fishing itself. G++-----+-+----+From the early daysG++-----+---+to his present cult status, GierachG++-----++++s candor and canniness at the waterG++-----++++s edge have been consistentG++-----+---+His grizzled, laconic persona is engaging and the voice of the common anglerG++-----+-++---+ (The Wall Street Journal).
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