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Northshire Bookstore, Your Independent Bookstore, is a family-owned, independent bookstore, with locations in Manchester Center, Vermont, and Saratoga Springs, New York as well as at www.Northshire.com, an exciting comprehensive website with easy shopping and exciting content for book lovers everywhere.

We strive to offer the finest and largest collections of new, used and rare books in New England and beyond as well as unique and treasured gifts, all to enrich and engage the mind, spirit and soul. With over 300,000 titles and treasures in each physical store, www.Northshire.com also offers over 10 million titles available for quick and convenient delivery to your home from our campus in the green hills of Vermont.

We recognize that business occurs in the context of the greater collective and we work hard to enrich our communities as we strive to thrive in the dynamic world of bookselling.

Besides our highly educated and knowledgeable staff, our full-service bookstores and website are proud to offer:

  • New Books - The largest selection of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Bestsellers, Mystery, Mind Body Spirit, History, Classics, Poetry, Current Events and so much more.
  • Used & Rare Books – With an impressive offering of affordable used books in every category, we also have a 5,000+ title collection of Rare, Signed Editions by the most renowned and celebrated authors and titles of the 20th & 21st Century.
  • Children's Departments - Almost a third of our stores are devoted to kids! Getting youngsters to read sets them up for a lifetime of success. We have dedicated, expert Children's booksellers and a superb collection of books, educational tools, toys, games, puzzles & togs.
  • Gifts - A unique and curated selection of gifts, housewares, stationary, cards, music, decorative items and seasonal holiday offerings.
  • Author Event Series - Both Northshire Bookstores host many author events every month in many exciting formats, both Live and Online. We are dedicated to bringing a wide range of amazing authors – both local and nationally renowned - to both our host communities and the greater book world beyond. Event Listings
  • Reading Groups - Northshire Bookstore hosts or participates in many reading groups encouraging the love of reading and vibrant discussion. View our selections on our Events page.

At the core of our stores is our knowledgeable and dedicated staff, some of whom have been with Northshire over 30 years. In addition to longevity, these wonderful people are highly skilled, care deeply about books and bookselling and are passionate about bringing the best in ideas, inspiration and entertainment to you.

Our core Management Team is recognized and respected throughout the industry:

Jonathan Fine - A Vermonter for over 30 years, Jon heads up our Shipping & Receiving Dept. When not overseeing the constant flow of all books and merchandise, Jon is also our Staff Advocate and head’s up our Charitable Outreach Programs.

Stan has been with the Northshire since 2000 and is our Adult Book Buyer responsible for curating buying and stocking 100,000’s of Titles each year.

Ben Parker – At the Northshire since 1990, Ben is our IT Director and Buyer for Science Fiction & Fantasy, Graphic Novels and Computer Books.

Nancy Scheemaker - Nancy is the General Manager of Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, NY. A bookseller with the Northshire since 1998, she has also enjoyed developing reading groups, serving as the director of community programs and has recently joined the board of the New England Independent Bookseller's Association.

Jessica Wood – A passionate reader since childhood, Jessica manages the buying of children's books and gift items throughout both of our stores. She has been with Northshire Bookstore for 30 years.




Morrow Family 1976The Northshire Bookstore was founded in 1976 by Ed & Barbara Morrow in a small building on Main Street in historic Manchester Center, Vermont. They were novices, but they knew they had made the right decision when book lovers stopped by the unfinished store to buy books even as the Morrow’s were opening the first cartons of books to put on the shelves.

In 1985, the Northshire Bookstore moved across the street to the landmark Colburn House, formerly a stage coach inn and restaurant. Over the years, we were rewarded by a growing clientele, a wonderful and enthusiastic staff, and an author program that contributed to the cultural vibrancy of the community. In 2001, Chris Morrow joined as General Manager, and later Owner, and the store thrived. The Bookstore became such an important part of the community that in 2003, we expanded in Manchester again, adding another 10,000 square feet of books, events space and a Café.Clark and Lu

In 2013, at the urging of members of the Saratoga Springs, New York community, we opened the newest Northshire Bookstore. Saratoga, like Manchester, is a wonderful, walkable community full of avid readers. We are thrilled to be there.

In 2021, as the Morrow family moved to retirement, Clark and Lu French of Manchester, Vermont took over the ownership of the Northshire Bookstores. They cared deeply for the stores, the staff, and managed the operations with great acumen, improving the business’ overall efficiency.

After the recent passing of Lu French, Clark decided to step back from his roles at the Northshire to focus on his family. He approached sisters Cathleen Ihasz, Nicole Ihasz and Ashley Ihasz-Austin, believing they would be great stewards of the Northshire. The Ihasz family has been part of the southern Vermont community for decades, and the sisters are all successful entrepreneurs, who also happen to be voracious readers.

Cathleen, Nicole and Ashley In September of 2022, Cathleen, Nicole and Ashley took over management of the store’s retail locations in Manchester and Saratoga Springs, N.Y., as well as its e-commerce platform. The sisters have the fondest memories of the Bookstore, and want to preserve the Northshire’s iconic legacy for future generations. They are excited to combine their personal experiences and their strong collective business capabilities to maintain and expand the offerings of the Northshire.

4869 Main Street: From the Colburn House to Northshire Bookstore